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Air Source Hot Water Heat Pump vs. Solar Water Heater

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Speaking of solar water heater, its environmental protection is still welcomed by many families. However, in practical use, some drawbacks of solar water heaters are also making people feel overwhelmed.


Firstly, solar water heater is composed of heat collection parts (vacuum tubes) and stainless steel water tank. It mainly relies on the heat collectors to absorb solar radiation heat energy to heat cold water. Therefore, the heat collectors of solar water heater need to be installed in the sunny place. Covering a large area, collectors of every square meter produces only 60-70L hot water every day.


Secondly, because of the above mentioned heating principle, solar water heater has to rely heavily on the weather, since when it comes to rainy or cloudy days, it often stops working. The solar water heaters currently in use are usually equipped with "electric heater back up" to cope with the situation in which they cannot supply enough hot water on cloudy and rainy days. According to statistics, solar water heaters need to be backed up by electricity for one third of the year. Moreover, solar energy has the strongest heating capacity in summer when hot water is least needed due to the different intensity of sunshine time in a year. When hot water is most needed in winter or on rainy days, solar heating is often the weakest. This bizarre "natural heating method" makes many users feel helpless, and finally can only start electric heater back up. The so called advantage of energy saving and environmental protection makes it become a pure "electric water heater".

Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater Equipped with Solar Pannels


Nevertheless, some consumers still have a mysterious love for solar products. So, how to meet the needs of this group of consumers? Air source heat pumps can actually be equipped with solar panels to provide all-weather hot water supply for users. Air source heat pump water heater mainly relies on the absorption of a large number of heat energy in the air to heat water. The hot water heating is not affected by rain, snow, storm or any other weather, as long as there is air. By using a small amount of electric energy to start the compressor and absorb air energy, air source heat pump can produce 400% of heat energy, which saves 75% electricity compared with electric water heater. Thus, it is a very energy-saving, environment-friendly and efficient water heater.

Stainless Steel Air to Water Heat Pump


The combination of solar energy and air energy not only meets the energy saving and environmental protection needs of families and societies, but also adds a "young and vigorous heart" to solar energy, which makes up for the lack of hot water supply on rainy and cloudy days and enables consumers to enjoy 24-hour and comfortable hot water of constant temperature whenever they like.

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