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Backup Heat Source for Your Heat Pump

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Do I Need a Backup Heat Source for My heat Pump?

Different heat pumps are designed and operate differently. There are those designed to work without depending on a backup heating system, while some will not offer you quality service without one. It all depends on the heat pump you have.


Even if the heating system is set up to use a backup, you might not require it if your region's climate is warm or if your house does not need much energy to cool. It is also possible to avoid getting the backup heating source by installing the EVI cold weather heat pumps.

Backup Heat Source for Your Heat Pump


How Does the Heat Pump Work?

Heat pumps have grown popular and most people use them even all year around. You need to understand the various types of backup heat sources you will get from the heat pump to make the most out of it. When you use the heat pump (HP), you will get pumped heat and backup heat. To understand the backup heat, you ought to find out how the heat pump works.


When the heat pump works right, it will offer you pumped heat. This is where the compressor runs to produce heat. In this system, the compressor will pump in the refrigerant so that it can turn it to heat. This is where the air source heat pump transfers the heat from outside air to ensure the indoor temperature is optimal. When the temperature outside drops, it will also cause the temperature level in your house to drop. Thus, the heating efficiency of the pump will decrease.


Dropping of the outside heat does not imply that there is no heat available. With lower temperatures, the pump gets a hard time trying to move heat indoor. When this happens, you will need to use the backup heat source.


Types of Backup Heat Source for Heat Pumps

Supplementary Heat Source

As the temperature outside drops, so does the heating capacity drop. When this is happening, the heating load of the house increases. When this happens, then the supplementary heat comes to play. This is where also known as the strip heat; the electric resistance offers the heat. You can also choose to use a boiler with the heat pump and get a double fuel structure. Or, you can use the supplementary heat by putting the coil in a handler.


Emergency Heat

Most people do not know much about the emergency heat. And some know it as a setting they should use to set their pump when the temperature is cold. The thermostat of a HP will come with four options the heat, cool, off, and the emergency option. When you set the pump using the emergency setting, it will turn off the compressor and use the additional heat source. You should note that when you use the emergency option to heat your home, it will lead to your utility bill going way up. If possible, you should avoid using this heating option altogether unless it is necessary.


Which Backup Heat Source Is Best For Your Heat Pump?

When choosing a heat source for your HP, it is essential to understand that no single option fits everyone's condition. That is why you need to research and select the one that suits your home. One of the options you might have when choosing a heat source is a furnace, dual fuel, or propane.


In case you have a heat pump that uses a furnace for backup, it is possible to change it to dual fuel. That will help in making sure you get warmer heat for the cold nights. In case you live in areas where there is no natural gas available, you might opt for propane. The other option to use is strip heat. The best part is that it can be staged or come sequentially, or you can have it all at once.


The other option you can use is oil. But this is becoming less and less of a choice since fewer companies are offering this option.


When you choose a heat backup option, it is best to get the one that is easy for you to set up, use, and cost-effective. The last thing you need is to choose an option that will strain you financially.


How Efficient Is A Heat Pump With An Electric Backup?

In case the heat pump has electrical backup, it will run efficiently and use the compressor to boost it when the temperature levels get too low. However, this option's challenge is that it will lead to you getting a high utility bill. The bill can go extremely high if you use it continuously. It is only best to use electricity when you have no other option or on minimal possibilities.


Can Solar Panels Power A Heat Pump?

With the solar option trending, you might be wondering if it can power the pump. The truth is that this is an eco-friendly option to power the pump and can be used as an alternative to other options. Not only is solar a natural resource, but you can also be assured that when you make use of this option, you are bound to save on money. You can have all the power needed by the pump being produced by the solar panel. However, you will need to ensure that the size of the solar you get is the right fit for the pump.



The heat pump is one of the cost-effective ways you can use to keep your house warm. However, you need to ensure that you have done your research on the product for you to get the most out of the unit. You also need to confirm that you have selected the right backup for your system. By choosing the right backup system, you will not have to worry about it failing. If you are unsure of the product to use, get in touch with experts to help you with any issue, you might have.

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