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Shandong Clean Energy Heating Technologh Exchange Conference

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With the increasingly serious haze, energy saving and emission reduction tasks intensified. In order to promote clean 
energy technology exchange and service clean energy heating market, April 6,2017Shandong Clean Energy Heating 
Technology Exchange Conference was successfully held in ShunchengJinan Shungeng Hotel.Participants included 
government personnel, industry experts, invited enterprises and distributors And so on, to the scene more than 600 
people, and actively respond to national policies, to explore the coal to electricity (gas) development.


At the meeting, as a guest business, Our chairman Mr. Yao Zhichen exchanged and shared with the "EVI  DC inver-
ter air source heat pump " . Our company has always been very concerned about the northern market, due to the nor
-thern low-temperature environment led to the regular frequency to warm air conditioning can not run properly, so Our 
company devoted ourselves to technological breakthroughs,successfully developed    the SPRSUN EVI DC  inverter 
heat pump . Our DC inverter heat pump from the "jet enthalpy" and "full DC inverter"  two kinds of technology perfect 
combination, can be stable at -25 ℃ ambient temperature heating and automatic adjustment of energy output 
on demand.

In recent years, the national energy-saving emission reduction policy support, the North coal to electricity projects to 
vigorously promote clean energy in the north of the advantages of heating applications more and more obvious. Sh-
andong is a population and a large province,   "thirteen five" during the rural families,    as well as kindergartens, pri-
mary and secondary schools, health clinics, nursing homes,convenience service centers and other public places hea
-ting market will be more than100 billion yuan for air source heat pumps and other clean energy products Opened up 
a huge market.As the industry's leading brand,our SPRSUN in response to national policy at the same time,vigorous
-ly on the air to water heat pump products innovation,   but also for the majority of agents to develop a series of prefe-
rential policies. At present, the company's products have been exported to Europe, Australia, South Africa and South
-east Asia and other developed areas,while the major domestic markets for intensive channel layout.With many years 
of experience in overseas market application,with excellent team,advanced technology and equipment,scientific ma-
nagement and perfect service,   our company will actively promote China's air source heat pump industry forward,and 
for our energy- Environmental protection business to contribute!
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