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Split or Monoblock Type? SPRSUN DC Inverter Air to Water Heat Pumps

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SPRSUN EVI split DC inverter heat pump has been developed with the idea in mind for maximum possible energy savings, through its high COP rating and quiet operation. Latest development in DC inverter technologies and their application in various internal components, including compressor, fan, and water pump, has been the major player in the success of our split EVI heat pumps.

evi split dc inverter heat pump

 SPRSUN EVI Split DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pumps

We also have the monoblock type DC inverter air source heat pumps that have been rated ERP A+++ energy label. The monoblock and split types share some similarities, but they also have some distinctions. So, before introducing our split EVI DC inverter heat pumps, we would like to make a comparison between these two types.


The Monobloc configuration keeps all components of the heat pump within a single outdoor enclosure. Two pipes carry either water, or a mixture of water and antifreeze between the outdoor unit and the interior portions of the overall system.

Monoblock dc inverter heat pump

SPRSUN Monoblock DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pumps


A split system configuration uses refrigerant lines to connect between the outdoor unit, and the indoor unit. The outdoor unit contains the compressor, air to refrigerant heat exchanger, and outdoor air fan. The indoor unit contains the refrigerant to water heat exchanger, circulator, expansion tank, controls, and in some systems an electric resistance element for auxiliary heating.


Both types have their pros and cons. For example: The Monobloc type arrives with a fully charged refrigeration system. Thus there is no need to connect refrigerant lines and add refrigerant on site. However, in cold climates, the presence of water in the outside piping and condenser presents the possibility of freezing. And that’s why split heat pump performs better in cold climate anti-freezing.


A split EVI DC inverter air source heat pump has almost all the functions of its monoblock DC inverter alternative. Yet, it offers additional features that do not exist in a monobloc system. Next, we will describe the details one by one.


First of all, SPRSUN split type DC inverter heat pumps are more suitable for cold climates as low as -25C. With the use of DC inverter compressor and DC inverter controller, it can automatically increase the operating frequency according to the ambient temperature and greatly improve the heating capacity in low temperature environment. Using the Panasonic EVI Rotary Compressor, the Split Type EVI DC Inverter Heat Pumps work stably in cold weather where lowest air temperature reaches -25.


EVI stands for “Enhanced Vapor Injection” and is a technology used on our cold climate heat pumps to achieve higher performance at lower temperatures. Using EVI heat pump technology, we are able to overcome the limitation of maximum flow temperature that other cold climate heat exchangers encounter. EVI Heat Pump technology allows more heat to be delivered resulting in a better COP at much lower temperatures. The EVI technology increases performance efficiency by 27-30%.


Consisting of an indoor unit that blows air over evaporator coils and an outdoor unit that powers the system, split heat pumps have many advantages to offer homeowners. For example, the split model design can better avoid freezing problems. The system will implement automatic anti-freezing protection by detecting system water temperature. Most compressors turn on and run until they exceed the set point, then they will turn off until they drop below a set point. This leads to hot and cold fluctuation in room temperature and longer run times. With a DC Inverter Heat Pump variable speed compressor, we are able to reach the desired room temperature much quicker as our compressor can kick into high speed right at the beginning. Once the desired temperature is reached, our compressor will then throttle back and maintain the desired temperature, only supplying the exact amount of energy as needed. This greatly improves comfort while reducing operating costs.


COP is the Coefficient of Performance. It tells you how much heat the heat pump can produce per unit of electricity used. For example, a COP value of 4 means that you get 4 kWh of heat for every 1 kWh of electricity used to operate the pump. The higher the COP, the more energy efficient the heat pump is. In colder temperatures the COP will drop as the pump has to work harder to extract the heat. For example, a heat pump with a COP of 4 could drop to a COP of 2.5 at 0°C. From the chart below you can see the maximum COP of our EVI DC inverter heat pump to heat water to 35°C at ambient temperature of 20°C is 5.43. At working temperature of -25°C, the COP would drop to 2.11.


Like the monoblock DC inverter heat pump series, the split type EVI low temperature has excellent noise control. The quiet air source heat pumps allow you to enjoy time in your yard without being disturbed by an annoying whir of noise. In order to control the heat pump noise, our engineers tried a lot of new methods to reduce heat pump vibration. Our Split EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump Series can realize low noise running of 59 decibels when testing at sound power, equivalent to 45 decibels when testing at 1 meter. 


Similar to the monoblock type, all SPRSUN EVI Split DC Inverter Heat Pumps are fitted with intelligent defrosting technology to ensure that you get the best performance out of your heat pump when it gets cold. In low temperatures, all heat pumps have to perform a “defrost cycle” to remove ice build-up on the outdoor coils. This can mean that the heat pump will temporarily stop operating for several minutes or may produce slightly cooler air. SPRSUN has developed an advanced version of this to learn, measure and record temperatures and running times. This data is then used to ensure defrost cycles are not only fast and efficient, but also avoid unnecessary defrosting.


Next, we will talk about the control system of the split heat pumps. It is more or less the same to our monoblock DC inverter heat pumps. The unit can be controlled directly by two methods: CAREL controller and WIFI app. The CAREL controller handles all the compressor controls and protections by following the instructions from working mode, compressor speed, etc., while keeping its compressor protections in higher priority. In case a protection is triggered, the system will switch to a safe mode automatically and send related feedback to the controller. The WIFI app enables users to check and set their heat pumps through a Smartphone wherever they are. For customers who require multiple units installed together, the cascade function will help solve the problem by controlling multiple heat pumps with one single panel.


This EVI low temperature inverter split heat pump system includes the Panasonic EVI Rotary Compressor, CAREL Controller, CAREL Electronic Expansion Valve, WOLONG Brushless DC Fan, Grundfos Inverter Pump and support necessary components such as Expansion Tank and Electric Heater to maximize your home comfort. These heat pump systems can also produce hot water, house heating and cooling for year round usage. Like monoblock DC inverter heat pumps, all the split type EV DC inverter heat pump models use environmentally-safe R410A refrigerant, which is chlorine-free to help prevent damage to the ozone layer. They are all CE certified.

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