The Best Pool Heating Pumps of 2022

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Do you want to change your pool’s water temperature without any hassles? Why not get yourself the best pool heaters in the market!

Undoubtedly, there are some days during the fall and spring when it’s usually warm enough that it is tempting to dive into the swimming pool for a quick swim—but this idea quickly fades away once you feel the chilly water temperatures. In the end, isn’t 40-degree pool water more frigid than refreshing?

Suppose you own a swimming pool and it doesn't include a pool water heater. In that case, its water temperatures will quickly fluctuate depending on the outdoor temperatures and weather, habitually halting your swimming experience short.

If you want to extend your swimming pool season longer, then you should certainly consider installing pool heating systems to enjoy much more from your swimming pool. Pool heat pumps are remarkable inventions that allow you to swim longer and sooner. Ideally, these powerful units work together with your swimming pool pumps to heat your pool water to a pre-set temperature and work well with both above-ground and in-ground swimming pools.

However, while there are numerous options in the market to choose from, the diversity of opportunities makes selecting the best pool heaters a rather challenging experience. Ideally, getting the best pool heaters goes beyond just the brand and price but depends on many factors like the pool size and depth, among other factors. If you are looking to find yourself the best pool heaters, this guide is for you.

This post outlines the top pool heat pumps in the market to warm your pool water and extend your swimming season. What's more, we also include a buyer's guide listing several essential factors to consider when choosing a pool heat pump.

Let's get started.

Why should you invest in a pool heating pump?

Think about this: is it worth having a pool when you can't enjoy it throughout due to unfavorable weather conditions? Swimming pool temperatures can rapidly drop after several cloudy weather days; installing a pool heat pump is an excellent way to enjoy your pool throughout the year.

Ideally, a pool heat pump initially costs considerably more than regular electric and gas pool heaters. However, a fully functional pool heat pump has relatively lower annual operating costs with professional installation and continuous maintenance. What's more, they last longer and work better than most other pool heaters.

Like regular solar pool heaters, a pool heat pump works effectively without depending on suitable weather conditions. Once you switch it on, a pool pump ensures that your swimming pool attains your desired water temperature when needed.

The best pool heater pumps generate optimal efficiency generating its unique natural heating system. These units can fully heat your swimming pool in 1-4 days. If you adequately cover your pool with appropriate solar pool covers, you can ensure your pool preserves its heat longer, subsequently minimizing heating costs significantly.

Additionally, a heat pump is an excellent investment since it has an unbelievable life cycle. In fact, most units can generally serve you for up to 20 years, considering you perform the necessary checkups and maintenance actions, and you could even boost its longevity to between 30 and 40 years.

SPRSUN R32 DC Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump

If you are looking for the best money-value pool heating pump, look no further than this SPRSUN R32 model. Besides being an innovative heating system, it is also an intelligent air conditioner and water heater. The SPRSUN R32 transfers heat from indoors to outdoors when cooling and outdoors to indoors during water heating in systematic cycles.

best air source pool heat pump

This great pool water heater comes with several unique features, including noise reduction, ERP A+++ rating, smart control tech, R32 refrigerant, and guaranteeing safety.

With this model, you can enjoy the benefit of cost savings in your power usage and lower GWP. Since this pool pump uses R32 refrigerant, it affords less harmful environmental effects as it features a low ozone-depleting capacity for cleaner and more efficient operation.

Also, this tech offers remarkable properties like flammability, low toxicity, in addition to inertness, all benefits that translate to minimized costs and increased safety for consumers. Some of the unique features include:

Advanced Energy-saving Performance (Max. COP: 17.30)

Boasting a significantly high COP of 16.39, this modern DC inverter heat pump can alter the operating frequency of both the fan motors and rotary compressors as per your unique heating needs. This way, this unit can massively speed up the heating time and offer more heat than traditional heat pumps.

Work Silently in Your Backyard (low noise-40dba)

Another unique feature of the SPRSUN DC heat pump is that it comes with step-less Panasonic brushless Nidec DC fans and inverter compressors ensuring it can operate quietly. Typically, traditional pool heating pump components usually generate annoying noises during operation. As such, purchasing such machines can be a reasonably tricky experience, especially when dealing with high noise levels.

However, this unit features brushless (DC) inverter fans that promote noise dampening. Unlike traditional pumps, this unit applies a constant, noiseless compressor motor that operates in the background and conserves power. Therefore, this is a quietly-operating machine and does not alter temperature when it attains a specific temperature, although the temperatures are fixed at a given level.

Ideally, this heat pump remains peacefully quiet when cooling or heating your swimming pool water, courtesy of its internal noise minimizing measures. Also, they offer inordinate silence in your pool setting since it produces approximately 10dB (A) lower than customary on/off (domestic) swimming pool heat pumps.

Lastly, this modern unit uses the Panasonic Compressor (dual shock) absorption feature to enhance sound reduction. Ideally, among the multiple panel inverters in the market, this is by far the quickest SPRSUN system, beginning at 42dBA.

Intelligent Control System (WIFI App & touchscreen controller)

The R32 SPRSUN DC (inverter) pool heat pump comes with a modern touchscreen controller that allows users to adjust temperatures easily and conveniently manage the operation. What’s more, this unit also features Wi-Fi remote control provision.

This means that you can use your smartphone to control and monitor the operation of your pool inverter heat pump from anywhere and anytime.

Supper Chemical Resistance (Titanium pool heat pump)

Full inverter swimming heat pumps usually incorporate Titanium (Tube-in-Shell) Heat Ex-changer fortified with enhanced chemical resistance to help avoid corrosion.

Ideally, the titanium material is corrosion-resistant, rigid, and heat-resistant, rendering it an excellent option for smoothly handling water erosion, high temperatures, and the pressure necessary to operate a standard pool heat exchanger.

FibroPool FH055 Pool Heat Pump

The FH055 FibroPool pump is easy to install and only requires a few things to work. Ideally, all you need to get it kicking is a 220v circuit, 12-gauge, and two 1.5' water line couplings to power it. This unit is ideal if you have smaller above-ground and in-ground swimming pools.

The Fibropool unit is definitely an unmatched pool heat pump boasting a COP of 5.92/6.0. It features a control panel with a modern LED display and push buttons that make it convenient to use. What's more, the unit can operate to ambient 40F temperatures and only costs around 25c/hour to run.


  • Titanium heat exchanger.

  • Copeland differential (high-pressure) compressor.

  • Slim profile, coated case, and a unique weather-proof enamel.

  • Easy set controller & digital display

  • Optional cable.

  • Swift disconnect piping.


  • Material: Titanium, PVC, steel

  • Dimensions (inches): 48 x 20 x 24

  • Heating Capacity (BTU): 55,000

  • Suitable For: 15’x 30’ oval or 21 ft. round (above ground pools); 10,000 gallons for      in-ground pools

  • Warranty: 1 year

Puri Tech (127k BTU) Quiet Pool Heat Pump

As the name suggests, Puri the Quiet defines one of the quietest units that come with an inbuilt water heat pump. This unit comprises a 55dB noise level which is relatively softer than the regular conversation (60 dB).

Courtesy of its distinct Saving Optimizer feature, this heat pump can effectively warm a pool as large as 35000 gallons without necessarily using too much energy. What's' more, its straightforward and smooth control panel enables you to program and use it with ease without time wasting ideally;, it is a quiet and effective water heating unit.


  • 100% titanium (commercial grade) heat exchanger.

  • Automation-friendly system.

  • Digital temperature control.

  • QZ Quiet Technology.

  • Simple & easy to use control panels boasting lockout security.

  • Inside Savings Optimizer and Compressor.

  • Wire remote capability.


  • Material: Titanium

  • Heating Capacity (BTU):127,000

  • Suitability: above ground and In-ground pools with a capacity of up to 35,000 gallons

  • Warranty: 1 year

Zodiac EE2500T EE-Ti Digital Titanium Pool Heat Pump

This is an electric pool heater pump designed by Zodiac Company and is a unit purposed to render the heating process ecological, effective, and economically efficient by heat absorption for the air and transferring it to your swimming pool water. Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty against corrosion hence boosting its durability and efficacy.

This titanium heat exchanger offers maximum heat transfer leading to improved output, superior hydraulic flow, and high efficiency. Additionally, you can monitor the heat pump functions from the most convenient spot, courtesy of its unique control system.

Key Features:

  • Titanium heat exchanger.

  • Built-in by-pass flow.

  • scroll compressor (Commercial grade)

  • Programmable pool/spa features.

  • Automatic valve systems

  • Air defrost, optional gas defrost/chiller.

  • Easy Zodiac controls connection.


  • Material: Titanium

  • Product Weight (lbs): 325

  • Heating Capacity (BTU): 120,000

  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty against corrosion


  • Max. COP: 16.33/16.18

  • Power Supply: 220V~240V/50Hz/1ph

  • Running Temp: -15℃~45℃

  • Max. Heating Capacity: 4.5KW/6.5KW

  • Max. Cooling Capacity: 2.5KW/3.6KW

  • Functions: Domestic Pool Water Heating/Cooling

Hayward W3hp21004t Pool Heat Pump

Heat pumps are another alternative pool heater option designed to use ambient air when heating your pool water. A heat pump is an economical option, especially in warmer climates, compared to gas or electrical swimming pool heaters, an advantage the Hayward heat pro offers.

The W3HP21004T Hayward model is among the most popular pool heaters primarily due to its large capacity delivering up to 140,000 BTU, making it ideal for heating both small and large pools.

The HeatPro series is an exclusive list of Hayward heaters designed to maximize durability and offer noiseless operation. Its standout features are its profiled fan blade (stainless steel), enhancing airflow efficacy, and minimizing noise during operation. It also comes with an innovative acoustic compressor cover to dampen operation-related noise.

Finally, due to its popularity in warmer climates known for high humidity levels, this model features a titanium heat exchanger and a unique corrosion-resistant evaporator fin that help extend its overall longevity.


  • Power Source: Electric

  • Pool Type: above ground/Inground

  • BTU  Output: 140,000

Factors worth Considering When Buying a Pool Heat Pump– Buying Guide

When shopping for a pool heat pump, you should consider various important factors to ensure you get the best available unit.

Typically, the first step to choosing the best heater for your specific pool heating needs is to understand what defines the units. Here is a list of factors you need to consider when buying a heating pump for your pool:


When choosing your pool heater, your pool's overall size and capacity are integral factors worth considering. Ideally, the more water (in gallons) your pool holds, the more power your pool heater needs to help raise the pool temperature. As you would expect, smaller pools require smaller BTUs while larger ones need higher BTUs for effective pool water heating.

Several pool heater makers incorporate a calculator to help you determine easily and quickly the appropriate pool heater for your pool heating needs. For instance, Raypak offers a unique calculator that uses pool size, seasons, and zip code to give you a precise comparison of the total energy costs when comparing different pool heaters to find the ideal one for you.

The heat pump's Efficiency (COP)

In general, a heat pump's COP usually measures from 3.0-7.0. This approximately translates to an efficiency rate of between 500-600%. As such, the higher the COP a pool heater boasts, the more energy-effective the unit is.

Therefore, when deciding which COP is best for you, go for a unit with a high-efficiency capacity. Typically, since nobody wants to use electricity to warm pool water unnecessarily, it is essential to fit the appropriate heat pump unit to allow optimum efficiency and reduce energy costs.

Noise Level

If you live on a residential premise, there are strict rules to the noise produced by a pool water heater pump. In most cases, residential policies require that the noise ceases during specific periods like before or after 8 am/pm, on public holidays, or even on, or even on Sundays.

This is, therefore, an essential consideration, especially when it comes to your quiet and peaceful environment or, in some cases, due to its proximity to your neighbors. Also, it would be best to consider factors that influence the unit's noise level, like the fan motor, compressor, or the blade pitch of the fan.

Weather Condition

Not every heat pump was built to warm pool water at lower temperatures. Ideally, most units shut down when the external temperatures drop below 55 degrees, while others can continue operating down to the lows of the 40s.

The principle here is that the colder the air, the lower the heat your pump can generate. This makes it essential to purchase a heat pump based on the local weather setting to ensure you determine the best heating power to create optimal efficiency without damaging the unit.

BTU Output

When shopping for a pool heater, you'll also need to ensure you choose a suitably sized heater depending on its healing power. For larger pools, pool heaters with high BTU output warm the water quicker, although this means using more fuel.

If you are uncertain about the gallon capacity of your pool, you must measure the pool and use this simple volume equation. Here is the formula to help you determine the right BTU requirements for your pool.

(Surface Area) x (Temperature Increase) x 12 = (BTU needed for your pool)

Typically, all pool heaters outline their BTU rating. Most popular units usually range between 150,000-400,000 or more. BTU represents-British Thermal Unit-and is a unit used to measure the total energy needed to raise water temperature. In essence, you can identify the suitable BTU output using the following steps:

  • Calculate the surface area of your pool (L x W)

  • Divide the surface area by three and multiply the result by 1000

For example, if your swimming pool is 15x30 feet, the best BTU heater for you is 150,000 units.

Once you determine your pool’s volume (gallons), you can use this simple guideline for swimming pool BTUs:

Pool Volume (Gal.)                Heat Output (BTU)

  • 10,000                                 50,000

  • 15,000                                 90,000

  • 20,000                                 120,000

  • 25,000                                 140,000

Final Verdict

With the many ongoing advancements in the pool heat pump accessories, the market is continually packed with many pool heater options, hence the need to go for the best pool pump heater available. You can confidently pick the best pool heat pump to suit your pool heating needs best with these few tips.

Happy Shopping!

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