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Things about Using Air Source Heat Pump in Winter

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Low ambient temperature will affect the heating efficiency of air source heat pumps, and in the low temperature environment in winter, the air heat pump unit is prone to freeze up. Therefore, the correct use of air source heat pumps is the key to ensure that users enjoy warm hot water and comfortable indoor temperature. When using an air source heat pump in winter, the following points should be paid attention to.


When the ambient temperature reaches the freezing point, the water temperature of the heat pump will decrease faster. If the hot water pipe and return water pipe are not insulated, the heat consumption will be accelerated. Therefore, in winter, it is particularly important to wear an extra layer of "clothing" for the pipeline, which can effectively inhibit the decrease of water temperature. The experiment shows that when the insulation thickness of the water tank is 50mm, the hot water in the tank will cool down about 10 in 12 hours at 0-5 ambient temperature; when the insulation thickness is 100mm, the temperature drop will not exceed 3 within 12 hours. The outer layer can be made of 0.3mm thick aluminum foil and sealed with stainless steel screws. By strengthening the heat preservation, the decline of hot water temperature will be slowed down, which will improve the operation efficiency and reduce the running time of the unit.


using air source heat pump in winter

When the air energy heat pump is used in winter, if the temperature is too low, it will cause freezing. If it is not used for a long time, it is better to shut down the unit, but do not cut off the power, because the air energy heat pump has its own antifreeze protection measures. If the power is cut off, the air energy heat pump will not be able to carry out self-protection. Only after the shutdown can the anti freezing effect be achieved. The correct way should be to set the set temperature of the unit to the minimum when no air is needed to work, so that the unit can ensure the antifreeze function, which can effectively solve the problem of energy waste and unit antifreeze. If not in use, be sure to drain the water from the system. In this way, it can avoid freezing the pipes and the main engine because of the low temperature.


Check the frosting condition. In the cold winter, the air energy heat pump often frosts, which is a normal phenomenon. The frosting of heat pump will lead to the decrease of heating capacity and the increase of energy consumption. If the heat pump is started before the frost is completely melted, the unit will freeze up, which will enter into a vicious cycle and lead to the unit unable to work normally. Most air to water heat pump products have the automatic defrosting function to ensure the normal operation of the unit.


SPRSUN DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pumps are designed with the intelligent defrosting function. It can judge the frosting conditions of the unit by detecting the ambient temperature and other factors. When the defrosting conditions are met, the unit will automatically enter the defrosting mode. While ensuring the normal operation of the heat pump unit at the same time, this function guarantees both reliability and economy for customers so that they do not have to worry about the frosting issue in winter. Choosing a good brand and using air source heat pump correctly in winter can prolong the service life of the unit and make sure customers enjoy the warmth brought by this type of new energy product.

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SPRSUN DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pumps

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