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Troubleshooting for Air to Water Heat Pump Problems

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Like other household appliances, air to water heat pumps will inevitably have some errors or failures when in use. It may take too long to wait for after-sales support, so it is necessary for users to master some maintenance knowledge by themselves. Following is a list of some common problems and corresponding solutions:

(These solutions are for reference only. For specific problems, please contact profesional technical support for help. )

Troubleshooting for Air to Water Heat Pump Problems


Compressor oil loss?

Failure Analysis: 1. Absorption pressure is too low; 3. The opening of the thermal expansion valve is not enough.

Solutions: 1. Increase the side load of the evaporator and check whether the absorption pipe valve is blocked; 2. Adjust the opening degree of the thermal expansion valve.


Compressor too noisy?

Failure Analysis: 1. low oil pressure; 2. muffler or exhaust valve broken; 3. internal pipeline and fastening part of the valve loosen and vibrate; 4. excessive opening of thermal expansion valve.

Solutions: 1. Replace lubricants, mufflers or exhaust valves; 2. Inspect and fasten compressor, pipeline and valves; 3. Adjust the opening degree of the thermal expansion valve.


Compressor unable to shut down?

Failure Analysis: 1. The value of sensor detector resistance is wrong or sensor line is broken; 2. Thermostat breaks down or is wrongly placed.

Solutions: 1. Replace the sensor detector; 2. Replace or repair the thermostat.


Poor heating capacity?

Failure Analysis: 1. Compressor exhaust valve and thermal expansion valve damage; 2. The system is lack of refrigerant or having air or other non-condensable gases; 3. Failure of the defrost controller and time relay; 4. Electromagnetic reversing valve leakage; 5. Hydrophilic aluminum sheet is blocked by dust.

Solutions: 1. Replace or repair exhaust valve and thermal expansion valve; 2. Replenish refrigerant or replace desiccant/refrigerant after leak detection; 3. Replace and repair the defrosting controller or time relay; 4. Replace the electromagnetic reversing valve; 5. Wash the hydrophilic aluminium sheet with a brush.


Frosting on the surface of the compressor?

Failure Analysis: 1. Thermal expansion valve fails or has excessive opening; 2. Thermo-bulb of the thermal expansion valve drops off; 3. Thermal expansion valve core is stuck or temperature setting is inappropriate; 4. Refrigerant filling is insufficient.

Solutions: 1. Adjust, clean and replace the thermal expansion valve; 2. Rewrap the thermostat; 3. Re-adjust the thermal expansion valve core or re-set the temperature; 4. Leak detection and refrigerant filling.


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