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Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Invest in An Air Source Heat Pump

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Air source heat pumps are one of the market's most efficient heating and cooling systems. They use the outside air to generate heat and cool air, making them a great option for homes that rely on air conditioning in the summer. Again, they are also an excellent choice when you want to keep warm during the winter.

If you're looking for a new heating or cooling system for your house, an air source heat pump might be just what you need to help you save money on energy bills each month! That said, here are eight reasons why now is the perfect time to invest in an air source heat pump.

Energy efficiency

Air source heat pumps use your home's existing airflow to provide the energy needed to warm or cool it with exceptional efficiency. Because they come in sizes that'll fit into your home and are extremely efficient, they can reduce energy costs by up to 50 % while still retaining the comfort of your home's heating/cooling systems.

The best choice heat pumps also have a much longer lifespan than traditional HVAC systems, ensuring better efficiency throughout the years.

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Meanwhile, heat pumps propel warm air from outside the home to inside it. The energy efficiency of an air source heat pump depends on various factors, such as condensation mode. Generally, they are more efficient than ground-source heat pumps with direct-air systems.

Moreover, air source heat pumps are energy efficient because they use less energy for either heating or cooling than gas and electric baseboard heaters. Not only does this reduce the amount of money you spend on those utility bills, but it also cuts down emissions.

They also keep you from having to turn your heater on and off during certain hours of the day, which can lead to high electric bills and wasted fuel.

Low maintenance

Air source heat pumps are extremely low maintenance. If the equipment needs cleaning, it is just a matter of opening the air vent and pouring some cleaner into it. This process can be done every year or so, depending on how often you use your AC or heat pump.

SPRSUN heat pumps have a parts warranty for labor. You can take the compressor to them any time during the warranty period and get it repaired or replaced without questions.

In many cases, installing an air source heat pump doesn't require major renovations or upgrades to your existing home. Compared to other forms of heating, an air source heat pump uses virtually no fuel. They do not require a sheet metal duct system like a ductless mini-split unit, which can be expensive to install, maintain, and repair.

No tune-ups, no oil changes, no filters — all you do is check the air temperature, filter and clean the evaporator coil once a year, and that's about it. With an air source heat pump, there is no need for ductwork to be installed or for a plumber to come out to fix your old furnace.

It's a simple system with only two parts that can be taken apart and cleaned in an easy, step-by-step process. Some homeowners will have their heat pump professionally installed or hire a repairman to take care of this task. While it's not recommended to try repairing your air source heat pump yourself — it can be done if you know how!

Maintains air quality

The most obvious benefit of an air source heat pump is its ability to maintain quality air indoors. An air source heat pump only produces heat when needed and has no electric motor to keep running. The compressor on an air source heat pump is generally sized to keep running even at night or when your family is sleeping.

Because the system always recycles outdoor air into conditioned indoor air, maintaining better indoor air quality helps protect you and your loved ones from harmful indoor pollutants like mold, dust mites, and pet dander.

This way, it's a great solution to your heating and cooling needs. It uses moving air to create heat, using the process of evaporation to heat up or cool down the home. Microclimates in the environment constantly vary across the year; thus, an air source heat pump can be programmed to provide you with comfort during all seasons.

When you run it in heating mode, it will help keep your home at a consistent temperature and maintain the surrounding area in the indoor environment with reduced humidity and decreased bacteria growth.

They do this with few moving parts and are maintenance-free. Besides, they have a proven track record of low energy and operating costs, offering quiet operation, and can be used in condos, hotels, and apartments. These machines work to deliver maximum comfort without the noisy ductwork you see with traditional central heating and cooling systems.

Offers air conditioning/dual heating functionality

Air source heat pumps provide people with the same dual heating and cooling function as air conditioners but are much more efficient. Air source systems circulate refrigerant through a duct network exposed to the outside.

Since air temperature is constant, it can be used as a standard thermal spring or summer heat transfer loop component. The unit can run on heat or cold, depending on what is most efficient in your location and how many heating or cooling loads you need to supply.

Unlike conventional air-to-air heat pumps, a heat pump's airflow is driven by the refrigeration cycle. The mechanism is identical to an air conditioner and maintains a constant temperature difference between indoor and outdoor air.

So, while an air source heat pump can achieve dual heating/cooling functionality, its ability to effectively address your needs might be limited.

Marginal carbon footprint

Although air source heat pumps use fossil fuels for their operation, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ranks them as one of the more efficient sources of heating and cooling. Air source heat pumps have a low carbon footprint, generate enough energy to offset the energy costs associated with their installation, and have an extended lifetime.

Air source heat pumps are a low carbon technology that requires little or no external heating to operate, saving on fuel and lowering your home's carbon footprint. They provide a high-efficiency, cost-effective heating method that uses the natural airflow from your home to heat water, bringing warmth into your home using air coils.

Compared to traditional ducted vents systems, you're looking at an overall reduction of CO2 emissions of up to 50%.

Easy to install

Air source heat pumps are sold as units and are easy to install and maintain, with no additional filters. Some models even come with an electronic display that helps you stay on top of maintenance requirements and potential problems before they become an issue for your home.

Perfect for underfloor heating

Another reason you should buy an air source heat pump is that it's ideal for underfloor heating. You can choose the size of your house and how many rooms you would like to heat to fit your budget.

That said, these heat pumps are ideal for underfloor heating because of their adjustable speed controls, two-stage airflow, and variable speed fan motor. They allow you to control both temperature increase and air movement.

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They are installed next to all major load-bearing walls of your home. This means installing an air source heat pump in any room without compromising your building structure's strength, stability, and security.


Lastly, air source heat pumps are cost-effective. This is arguably the best thing about these machines.

Since they do not require the installation of a heat pump and do not need to be serviced or maintained during the life of the property, they tend to be cost-effective. Air source heat pumps work by circulating cool outside air through a warm-air return register sitting above your house. The cool outside air is heated by adding demand-side auxiliary fans, which may circulate throughout your home.

Again, the energy losses that occur during the process of heating and cooling are substantially less compared to space heating and cooling systems using electric resistance. The cost of electricity is high and can go up or down, but air source heat pumps will not suffer price fluctuations.

Air source heat pumps also have a higher energy efficiency rating plus require less water, making them more cost-effective over time.

In Summary

If you are going to keep your home heated in cold months and cool in warm months, then you will most likely need an air source heat pump. If you live in a moderate climate area, you may be able to save money on your energy bills simply by changing out some light bulbs or by investing in an efficient ventilation system that allows you to maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Besides, air source heat pumps are quiet, efficient, and reliable. They save you money over the lifetime of the unit while also helping to improve indoor air quality.

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