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  • How is SPRSUN Air Source Heat Pump Kit?
    Installing an air-source heat pump is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to handle heating and cooling in your home. Air source heat pumps are also better for the environment and a great way to reduce the carbon footprint without sacrificing comfort. One of the challenges of air sourc
  • An Overview of the European Heat Pump Market
    The European Union is an established and prominent technology leader, particularly in the heat pump sector- a factor prominently reflected in scientific publications, public RD&I funding, and patenting trends. With over 2 million units sold around Europe, this is now the new record to beat.
  • How Heat Pumps Benefit the Environment
    When it comes to the heating process of your heat pump, heat is generated primarily from the surrounding environment, so significantly less energy is required than other methods to provide adequate heating for your home. Also, you can reduce the environmental impacts of your home's heating and lower
  • Tips To Easily Maximize Your Air Source Heat Pump's Performance
    ‍An air source heat pump is a worthy investment, but when it performs less efficiently than expected, it is necessary to call a professional. This article contains a few handy tips on how to optimize the performance of your air source heat pump. There are several culprits regarding the inadequate p
  • Inverter Heat Pumps in 2023: What, How, and Why?
    ‍No matter where you live in-, you will agree that inverter heat pumps are the most efficient and cheapest way to cool your house. They are also safe for the environment. Because they don't operate on fossil fuels, homeowners can use them to reduce their carbon footprint. Inverter heat pumps repla
  • Heat Pump Subsidy in Germany
    ‍The German government subsidies for heat pumps are designed to phase out natural gas and coal from heating systems. The goal is to assure the use of renewable energies at home. The transitional period will take a long time, and the subsidies are still under discussion, but they seem very promising
  • The Most Useful Guide to 5 Heat Pump Issues in Cold Weather
    How frustrating it is to have a problem with your heat pump in the cold winter. Imagine it's a busy and tiring work day; it's snowing in your place; the biting wind is blowing on you, and you can't help but wrap up your coat and speed home, wanting to get into your warm and comfortable home in a min
  • Simple Diagram & Operation of Heat Pumps Pump up Your Heat Pump Knowledge
    Operation of a heat pump1.1 Evaporation (evaporator)1.2 Compression (compressor)1.3 Condensing (condenser)1.4 Expansion (expansion valve)Air source heat pumps2.1 Diagram of an air-to-air heat pump2.2 Diagram of an air-to-water heat pump2.3 How does an air-to-water heat pump work
  • Factors to Consider Before Buying a Heat Pump
    Heat pumps are among the most efficient ways to cater to residential heating and cooling needs. They deliver twice the energy they consume, have lower running costs, require less maintenance, and reduce carbon emissions. Due to these and other benefits, the number of heat pumps installed in resident
  • SPRSUN R32 EVI DC Inverter Air Source Heat Pumps Obtained KEYMARK Certification
    Guangzhou, China, November 8th, 2022 – a series of SPRSUN Outdoor Air to Water Heat Pumps have been awarded KEYMARK certification,thus making SPRSUN one of China's very few heat pump manufacturers possessing KEYMARK certification. As a high-tech leading heat pump producer integrating R&D, design, ma
  • The Heat Pump Market, Research and Policy in France
    France is at the forefront of Europe’s goal to become the first climate-neutral continent, and sustainable heating and cooling is a French priority, nationally and internationally. Heat pumps are an important technology to help with this goal through ecological and energy-efficient heating, cooling,
  • How to Replace Your Old Gas Boiler with a Heat Pump
    ‍The conversion from the gas boiler to the heat pump can be done with the help of an expert. Heat pumps are popular options to replace the old-fashioned system. A heat pump is a very effective and efficient method to heat your house. It is more effective than heating and circulating water in the sys
  • How Long Should a Heat Pump Run Per Day?
    A heat pump is vital to cooling and heating your home. However, people always ask how long heat pumps should run in a day for maximum efficiency. We’ve done our research and found the information to help you determine whether your heat pump runs correctly. Read on to find out more.Typically, heat pu
  • SPRSUN 16-18KW D.C. Inverter Monoblock Air Source Heat Pump Review
    SPRSUN 16-18KW D.C. Inverter Monoblock Air Source Heat Pump has an ERP A+++ energy level, a maximum heating capacity of 16.5-18.6 KW, and five working modes. Compared with L.G. 16KW and SAMSUNG 16KW air source heat pumps, SPRSUN products offer a reasonable price. And SPRSUN is customer-oriented.
  • Why Air-to-Water Heat Pumps Could Save You Big Money on Heating
    ‍As energy costs rise and many people become aware of their advantages, heat pumps are growing in popularity. Here, we'll talk about a few other advantages of heat pumps and how they can save you money. We'll also advise on how to pick the ideal heating system for your house. Since a heat pump is m
  • SPRSUN Conducted 3 Product Training Sessions for Partners Last Month
    Summary: SPRSUN, a professional heat pump manufacturer, has conducted 3 product training sessions for its most valuable partners to unveil basic heat pump knowledge so that its partners will show more expertise concerning heat pumps and be better at connecting with their clients. China – SPRSUN, fou
  • The Acceleration of Heat Pump Is Proposed by a Global NGO
    A global NGO - The Regulatory Assistance Project – with offices in the US, China, and Europe has recommended several policies in the heat pump industry. These policy recommendations target the acceleration of heat pump technology in the global market. In addition, the NGO made proposals involving ne
  • Noise Reduction: 3 Ways to Lower Air Source Heat Pumps Noise Level
    Noise pollution is easy to ignore, but working and living in a noisy environment over a long period can have more or less bad effects on the body. Noise affects our conversation, work, and sleep. Hence, the quest for a cleaner and more sustainable resource is especially urgent. Heat pumps are becomi
  • A Small Encyclopedia of What You Must Know About Air Source Heat Pumps
    1. The Concept of an Air Source Heat PumpAn air source heat pump is equipment that transfers heat from the outside air to water or air to heat your house or provide hot water to your home. Here the outside air is taken as a lower-temperature space. And your home and heating system are seen as the ot
  • The Sales of Chinese Heat Pumps Surges in Europe
    At the same time as Europeans are scrambling to stockpile enough natural gas to last until next winter, rising temperatures in summers are putting a strain on the continent's electrical infrastructure, with people turning on air conditioners and rivers that cool nuclear power plants drying up. The s
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